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What we do

WWe help you to recognize the trends of tomorrow as they appear and to transform them into future-proof and viable products and services. The generated ideas range from measures for incremental improvements of existing services to the creation and implementation of disruptive innovations.

It is not unusual that our workshops produce hundreds of impulses and ideas which are then evaluated, optimized and designed in consideration of selected criteria to meet the demands of the market. We support you in the implementation process and ensure that the spirit of innovation is firmly and sustainably anchored in your corporate culture.

Our customers are both multinational corporations and small and medium-sized enterprises from a diverse range of industries. We pursue a cooperative consulting approach at all times, meeting our clients at eye level and together develop individual, demand-oriented solutions to enhance sustainable innovation.


Who we are


Jan Kristof Arndt / Founder & CEO

Jan Kristof Arndt is one of the pioneers of the future industry and has been supporting his clients for many years in their quest to successfully implement their innovation projects. In his publications and keynotes he abducts his audience into the future and demonstrates them what it takes to become the pacemaker of their industries by systematic rule-breaking.


André Jansen / Innovation Project Manager

André Jansen is an expert in connecting independent value-added partners and processes. In more than 12 years with numerous functions in international corporations, small and medium-sized businesses and startups from a diverse range of industries, he has learned to keep an eye on the strategic big picture in a fast-changing environment. With this knowledge, he now leads multiple innovation and consulting projects for our clients.


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For our team we are currently specifically searching for freelancers who are experienced in the areas of strategic development, innovation management and sales. You will have the opportunity to work on exciting projects together with us and to benefit from our experiences and network.

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Our Process of Success

Trend & Innovation Infinity Model

Managing innovations is a continuous undertaking – and not a snapshot at a single point in time! These efforts focus on developing skills which enable companies to react flexibly to market changes and to position themselves as a benchmark within their respective industries. The Trend & Innovation Infinity Model has been developed by trendINNOVATION. It covers 12 phases, starting from the identification of weak, yet relevant signals from the market, followed by the aggregation of these in a trend report and finally leading to the generation and implementation of innovative ideas. Control loops in between each of the stages help validate the process and the quality of the results.


Analysis of the future sustainability with 12 relevant disciplines

Focal Areas

Definition of important search and focal areas


Quantitative and qualitative environment and customer analysis


Identification and preparation of case-related trend and innovation examples


Optimization of ideas with the help of systematic improvement tools


Evaluation of all ideas, including an assessment report


Preparation and graphical editing of the ideas in an idea book

Idea Generation

Development of innovative ideas through tried and tested creativity techniques


Evaluation and densification of the optimized ideas, including an assessment report


Conception of the top 3 to 5 ideas


Prototypical implementation of the top 3 to 5 ideas, including a testing phase

Implementation & Control

Compilation of a specific action plan, including measures to monitor the results


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